Malioboro will become no smoking in march 2020

Malioboro will become no smoking in march 2020
Malioboro street, image courtesy by Merdeka

The goverment of city yogyakarta planning to make malioboro will be no smoking area in march 2020 and recently will prepare all the requirement to make all malioboro area free from smoking.

One of the plan is make some spot at the malioboro is allowed for smoking, so if you walking along the malioboro street you are forbidden to light your cigarette except visiting some area.

The goverment also make a close approach to local store to provide some are for smoking so it will not disturb other people when walking around at malioboro street.

One place that already provide place for smoking is malioboro mall and easy found by people who walk along the street. There are many sign to show that malioboro area is not allowed to smoking. This law refer to Perda Number 2 Tahun 2017 about area without smoke.

Goverment also sending police called polisi pamong praja to guard around along malioboro street to make sure everyone comply with non smoking area. Even other division such as jagamarga from dinas perhubungan will also sending some people to guard.

So if you around malioboro street, please make sure you don’t light your cigarette up for you will arested by polisi pamong praja at malioboro street.