Governor Anies more clever dealing with floods

Governor Anies more clever dealing with floods
Governor Anies more clever dealing with floods | image courtesy of ANTARA

At the beginning of the year 2020, floods drowned the city of Jakarta. Many of important street flooded with water and a lot of citizen suffer because their home is also flooded with water.

Rainfall at New Year’s Eve from Bogor city makes the reservoir katulampa reach the maximum limit or it called siaga 3. It means Jakarta city will be flooded by a large of water from higher cities like Bogor.

There are reported casualties because of floods, one person reported having electric shock because power cable submerged with water. Another unique accident when Jakarta surrounded by water, there are snake swimming around the citizen house and make people panic because have never seen a bigger snake.

After the floods accidents, people tend to sue the Jakarta government because the government didn’t care to prevent the floods and cause many losses. Businessman at many markets join the process to suing the Jakarta government because they have a lot of looses of income. Governor Anies more clever dealing with floods

Former governor Jakarta Ahok said that Anis is more clever to handle floods and unnecessary to give some advice. Anies already have several programs to prevent the floods come again to Jakarta city. One of the programs is called the Naturalization of the water flow. He will open a more green area to reserve water and adding more reservoir for water.

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