Sempu Island The Forbidden Island of East Java

Sempu Island, The Forbidden Island of East Java
Sempu island; image courtesy of tripadvisor

One place in malang district has beautiful scenery and also has an exotic forest. Many of travelers around the world have visited sempu island, but you must visit carefully because sempu island is not a typical spot for adventure. It has many dangerous animals because mostly it was a large island with forest and sand beach.

Inside sempu island has a great lake called Segara Anakan which is very beautiful. The color of the water is green with natural animals such as tuna fish. You can taste the freshness of tuna grilled and eat with rice. Sempu Island The Forbidden Island of East Java

Many animals at sempu island-like lutung Jawa (Javanese monkey), black monkey, grey monkey, deer, and mousedeer will visible when you visit this island.

Since 2017, BBKSDA (Balai Besar Konservasi Sumber Daya Alam) forbid traveler to visit sempu island. If you have a research reason to visit, then you will need to get permission to visit. Many parts of sempu island is dirty because many traveler didn’t take responsibility to crush part of the island such as littering the beach.

Last news from the authority that if you want to visit sempu islands, you need to ask for permission and rent some guides with you because there are many dangerous animals around the island. Sempu Island The Forbidden Island of East Java

But sempu island is worth to visit because it has beautiful scenery.

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