Three indonesia warship repel illegal fishing boat

illegal fishing boat

Natuna island, Three Indonesian Warship called (KRI) Kapal Perang Republik Indonesia named KRI Karet Sasuit Tubun, KRI Usmah Harun and KRI Jhon Lie return to natuna border island of natura to repel foreign ship belong to China when fishing at natuna area, riau island area.

From natuna area, there are more than 25 fishing boats belong to china country who fishing and guarded by china warship army entering north natuna sea. Indonesia warship already warns all those china fishing boats to leave natura area but they all little stubborn so indonesian warship came close to repel the fishing boat.

China claims they are fishing on their own area but actually this claim is contradicting with law of ZEE sea border who recognized by all country.

President Jokowi command to arest all ship from foreign country if they fishing at Indonesia sea area, no matter what country because its violating international sea law border.

Meanwhile, indonesia goverment will be increasing coast guard at natuna island-like sending more warship and deploy more army to guard natuna island if any illegal fishing happens again.

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